What is the best learning format if the child attends school in another country in the morning?

If the child attends school abroad, but the family for personal or practical reasons prefers education according to Ukrainian state educational standards, then we advise you to choose the “Online SMART”

**Summative assessment, the purpose of which is to correlate the educational achievements of students with the mandatory/expected learning outcomes defined by the State Standard or the educational program.

Summative assessment (assessment of the learning outcome) is a comprehensive assessment of the child’s results according to several parameters. THEMATIC, SEMESTER, ANNUAL

What documents do we issue after graduation and when moving from one class to another?

Pupils of our school will receive a certificate of completion of primary education after the 4th grade; after the 9th – a certificate of completion of basic secondary education; and after finishing school in the 11th grade – a certificate of completion of general secondary education.

Pupils of 1-3(4), 5-8 and 10(11) grades based on the final assessment by the decision of the pedagogical council, which is approved by the order of the general education of educational institution, are transferred to the next classes, and the 9th and 11th graders – graduate from general education institution

If it is necessary to transfer a student to another school, on the basis of a certificate-request from the school to which the student is transferring, we issue all the necessary documents: personal file, transcript with grades, certificate of achievements, report card.

Do we have a license?

We educate children from 1st to 11th grade on the basis of a cooperation agreement with our partners – a licensed school – Liberty School. By agreement, our online education center undertakes to conduct daily classes for students according to state standards, provide knowledge, conduct ongoing assessment, and our partners are responsible for registration, document management and certification at the end of the school year.

How do we teach in our online school?

Forced distance learning has become a challenge for all participants in the educational process: teachers, students and parents. Our school’s task is to organize high-quality education using digital technologies on its own tested educational platform, to inspire and motivate students, to solve technical problems.

In our school, communication is an integral part of the pedagogical process. Interaction between students and teachers in distance learning takes place within an artificially created virtual classroom. Communicative space implies a formed situation of interaction in which there is a place, time and mutual desire for communication aimed at achieving the goals of the learning process.

A convenient working day is organized for children:
• Children learn online in real time. Lessons take place on the Teemea platform. At the appointed time, teachers join the lesson according to the schedule. The platform creates content for each lesson with presentations, video explanations, training exercises, interactive tasks, homework.
• There are 3-4 lessons per day for junior high school and 5-7 lessons for middle and high school.
• The class lasts 40 minutes, the break between classes is 20 minutes.
• In accordance with the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the educational program, and calendar planning, control work, independent work, sections of knowledge, and diagnostic work are carried out.
• Also, we create a Telegram group with each class to share experiences and quickly resolve organizational issues.

What documents must be submitted for official admission to our school?

• statement of parents or persons who replace them (application form is provided upon request);
• a copy of the child’s birth certificate;
• student’s personal file (certificate for obtaining a personal file from the school is provided upon request)
• Certificate of achievement or report card/or extract with grades for the current academic period (when transferring during the academic year);
• certificate-based general secondary education (for students who have completed 9th grade);
• a copy of the passport (for students of the 11th grade);
• a copy of the passport and identification number of one of the parents/guardians;
• The student is enrolled in the school on the basis of all documents

Can a child legally stay at his school, and just attend online classes at yours?

Of course, we do not oblige students who register at our school to study officially with the receipt of a state-standard education document.

But still, if you want to study officially with us, you will be forced to withdraw from your Ukrainian school.

Where are the lessons held? Are you posting a link to the lesson?

Lessons are held on the Teemea platform. Teachers also fix the material for the lesson, homework and tests. Completed homework by the child, she fixes on this platform as well.

You can also access the online lesson through the platform.

How to join the Telegram group of the class?

You can also join the Telegram group of the class through the educational platform Teemea. Once you have created an account on the platform, in the “A-class” team, you will need to click on the Telegram logo in the upper left corner.

Where can I find the schedule?

The schedule for each class is posted in the Telegram group of the class in the attached messages. There is also a general schedule for all classes on the school’s Telegram channel.

Where should I submit documents for admission?

You can submit documents through the registration form on our website (where you will be prompted to add files – scanned copies or high-quality photos of documents will suffice). All communication regarding documents (sending any missing documents, requesting a certificate of education) is handled through the email administration@schooltogo.sk.

I haven't received an invitation from the Teemea platform, what should I do?

The first thing you should do is check your email folders, specifically the “Promotions,” “Social Media,” and “Spam” folders. If you can’t find the email there, please contact us at info@schooltogo.online. Provide your child’s full name and the email address used to register your child.

How long is a lesson? How many lessons per day?

A lesson lasts for 40 minutes, with 20-minute breaks between lessons. The number of lessons depends on the class. In elementary classes, there are an average of 4 lessons, while in senior classes, there may be up to 7 lessons per day. As for Online SMART consultations on Saturdays, there are 4 sessions per day.

How to change the email registered on the educational platform?

You can change the email address associated with your child’s account on the educational platform on your own. Follow these steps:
• In the bottom left corner of your account page, click on the button.
• Once the login page opens, click “Sign In.”
• You will see the welcome message “Welcome to Teemea!” and the icon. Click on it and select “Change Password” from the menu.
• Enter the current (old) password, the new password, and click “Save.”
• Refresh the educational platform page (F5 on your keyboard) and log in with the new password.

Is attending Online SMART consultations mandatory?

If your child officially attends our school (with the receipt of a state-issued education document at the end of the year), then attending Online SMART consultations on Saturdays is mandatory.

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