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About School to GO
We are an educational project implemented by Ukrainian volunteers with the support of Soficreo as a quick reaction to the start of the war in Ukraine.
Online education according to Ukrainian state standards for students of grades 1-11 with the possibility of obtaining state-standard education document. Classes are held on the interactive Teemea platform with full access to unique educational materials created by our teachers.

Our achievements

16 000+ study hours

27 subjects

5000+ registrations

Our educational formats

Additional Learning


Additional online lessons in selected subjects for in-depth learning, talent development, and creative abilities of students.

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Our students are from all around the world

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Here's what people say about SchoolToGo.

Schooltogo… it's like learning magic in Hogwarts... lessons are fun and relaxed, and after the lesson comes the understanding that you really learned the educational material! This is the charm of our school!! And there are also teachers, our kind and intelligent wizards!!!
Feedback from
7th grade student
My daughter is incredibly happy. She really liked the first lesson (she almost cried because everything finished so fast)Thanks to the whole team for high-quality and professional organization, teacher's, newest approach, European level! You are the best!We sincerely thank you for the opportunity to gain knowledge in such a wonderful "school family"
Feedback from
Mother of a 2nd grade student
What I liked most was that the teachers are always positive and interested in our opinion. It was very easy to learn new material. This is the best, most convenient and most fun school possible (in my opinion). What I liked most was that it was really easy to work on our lessons, teachers asked me my opinion, gave me enough time for my homework, and treated me with respect. I really enjoyed this school. The teachers had interesting lessons, and in general this school was amazing))
Feedback from
5th grade student
You gave so much warmth, energy, and care to our children. Not because they are your kids or grandkids, but because you just love children. Every child is important to you, and you treat to everyone with equal care. It's worth a lot.
Feedback from
Mother of a 3rd grade student
Incredible impressions, I liked everything very much! Teemea is a convenient platform, you quickly get used to the platform and its navigation. Friendly teachers, always positive. Many different cool meetings.
Feedback from
Summer school student

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